90 VA Disability – Compensation Rates for Veterans

90% VA disability is among the highest out there, only under the 100% rating. As a result, anyone with this overall rating on their health can expect a large sum of monthly compensation. However, the difference between that and 100% is very high. In 2023, their gap is a surprising $1,451.56 without any dependents.

It explains why so many veterans want to get their rating up to 100%. The good news is that it is not impossible, and some proper measures can let that work for you. If you have a 90% rating, you are among only 7.3% of overall veterans, which is 4,743,108.

Without further ado, let’s tell you more about the 90% rating, its benefits, and the possibilities of increasing it.


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Brief Introduction to VA Ratings

VA disability ratings are percentages that the VA assigns to a veteran’s health condition based on the severity, persistence, and frequency of their service-connected disabilities. A veteran may have several of these diseases, but VA uses the Schedule of Rating to decide the overall rating.

There are 10 possible VA ratings, from 0% to 100%, at every 10% difference. So, you can only get ratings like 60% or 80%, and not 48%.

Aside from the service-connected disabilities, secondary-service-connected sicknesses can also contribute to your VA rating. Note that a higher rating means a poorer condition of the patient.

The Compensation Amount for a 90% Rating

Without any dependents, one can get an amount of $2,172.39 per month with a 90% rating in 2023. This number changes yearly, so you may get an increased amount starting in 2024. If you consider adding dependents to your account, you can further increase it. Here is a table that describes the compensation amount for a veteran for different dependency statuses at a 90% VA disability rating

If you notice in the table, you can only add your parents, spouse (same-sex and common-law included, but not more than one) and your children as your dependents. You need to add them from the VA site manually. Go here for more details.

How to Increase Your VA Compensation Amount at 90% Rating or Increase It to 100?

As mentioned, you probably want a higher amount than what you are getting currently at 90% if you deserve it. There are some steps to try here-

  • Report to VA about any disability you haven’t done yet. In that case, you may need to file for an increase in Rating.
  • Get a medical report if you are submitting any new claims.
  • Go for any disabilities with high value, like mental conditions or migraines.
  • File for secondary service-connected disabilities. Getting a rating from them may contribute to your overall rating. Get a Nexus letter from any private physician.
  • Take an eligibility review from VA Disability Coach to be sure about your eligibility factors for any new benefits.
  • Submit more reliable and detailed evidence if possible.
  • Add dependents to your VA account to get higher compensation.
  • Get the Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefit. It pays the same amount as a 100% VA rating, aside from your regular monthly compensations.
  • Last but not least, you may go for a court appeal if you believe and are confident that you deserve a 100% rating.

What Benefits Can Combat Veterans Receive from the VA?

Combat veteran benefits are comprehensive services provided by the VA. These benefits include healthcare, mental health counseling, vocational rehabilitation, and disability compensation. Combat veterans are eligible for priority access to these benefits, ensuring they receive the care and support they need. The VA strives to assist combat veterans in transitioning to civilian life and improving their overall well-being.

Final Note

The difference in the compensation amounts of 90% and 100% VA ratings is surprisingly high. However, most people with a 90% rating struggle to get higher ratings. Unless you are happy with your current situation, you can follow the steps we added to take a chance at a higher rating.