Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

Many veterans who have given their all for their country now bear the weight of service-related conditions. These 100% disabled veterans have rightfully earned a set of benefits that span from financial assistance to healthcare and educational opportunities. Moreover, the dependents of such veterans can also receive certain benefits from the VA.

In this article, we will help veterans who want to know more about the benefits of a 100% disability rating and how to access them properly. Let’s get started –

Qualifying for a 100% VA Disability Rating

A 100% VA disability rating means a service-connected condition is significantly impacting a veteran’s life. It is the highest disability rating given by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and veterans who receive this rating get crucial support to recognize their sacrifices for the country. Let’s learn how can one be qualified to get a 100% VA rating –

Eligibility Criteria 

To be qualified for a 100% disability rating, veterans must meet some criteria set by the VA. These are the two most important aspects of getting such a rating –

  1. One Condition Rated at 100%: A single condition with a high severity and impact on a veteran’s life can be rated 100% by the VA. 
  2. Combined Rating of 95% or Higher: When a veteran receives disability benefits for multiple conditions, their rating is determined by combining all the individual disability ratings. And since a combined rating can never be 100%, veterans with 95% or more combined ratings may receive the benefits of a 100% rating.

Top Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

100% disabled veterans get a wide array of benefits, and these include financial support, educational opportunities, and healthcare, among others. Here are the top 35 benefits you can receive with a 100% disability rating –

Financial Benefits

  • VA Disability Compensation Pay: You will receive monthly tax-free compensation for your service-connected disability. As of now, the monthly compensation rate for a 100% disability rating amounts to $3,621.95 for veterans alone and will increase if you have dependents. 
  • Aid and Attendance of Housebound Benefits: Housebound 100% disabled veterans or those in nursing homes will get required assistance from the VA.
  • Special Monthly Compensation (SMC): The Special Monthly Compensation program provides additional monetary benefits on top of the regular compensation rates to veterans with specific conditions such as loss of a limb. 
  • VA Home Loan Funding Fee Waiver: Certain VA home loan fees can be exempted by the VA for 100% disabled veterans.
  • VA Travel Pay: Veterans may receive reimbursement for travel to VA healthcare facilities. 
  • Concurrent Receipt of Military Retired Pay: Veterans may receive both military retirement pay and VA disability compensation. 

Healthcare Benefits

  • VA Dental Care: Eligible veterans can receive dental care from the VA.
  • Free VA Healthcare: The VA will provide comprehensive healthcare benefits to those with a 100% disability rating. This includes prescriptions, dental and mental health care, and more.
  • CHAMPVA Health Insurance: Free civilian healthcare is given to the dependents of 100% disabled veterans through CHAMPVA

Educational Benefits

  • Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA): Dependents of veterans get coverage on various educational pursuits under the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) program.
  • Student Loan Forgiveness: Eligible 100% disabled veterans may get their federal student loan debt discharged.

State Benefits

  • Property Tax Exemption: In a number of states, 100% disabled veterans may receive a complete property tax exemption on their primary residence.
  • State Education Benefits: Some states provide discounted or free education opportunities to 100% disabled veterans or their dependents.
  • Vehicle Registration and DV Plates: Special plates and free vehicle registration are provided by some states to disabled veterans.
  • Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Outdoor activity license fees are reduced or made free in many states for veterans.

Non-Profit Benefits

  • Scholarship Programs: Non-profit organizations like Folds of Honor provide educational scholarships for dependents of disabled veterans. 

Burial Benefits

  • Burial and Plot Allowances: To assist with veteran burials, the surviving spouses and dependents of veterans may get burial and plot allowances.

Insurance Benefits

  • Life Insurance: Veterans with 100% disability are given special life insurance programs.

Tax Benefits

  • Free Tax Preparation: Free tax preparation services are offered to veterans by IRS-certified volunteers.

Financial Services

  • Veterans Benefits Banking Program: With the Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP), veterans and their beneficiaries can easily receive VA benefits via direct deposit. 


  • 300+ Everyday Discounts: Many businesses across the states offer special discounts to veterans with disabilities.

Employment Benefits

  • 10-Point Veteran Preference in Federal Hiring: When applying for a federal position, veterans may receive hiring preference. 
  • Direct Hire Authority for Federal Jobs: Expedited hiring authority can be accessed by veterans by certain federal agencies.

Recreation and Leisure Benefits

  • Free Entrance to National Parks: Disabled veterans may receive lifetime access to federal recreation areas.

Social Security Benefits

  • Expedited Processing of Social Security Disability Benefits: Veterans may get expedited processing of applications for Social Security Disability Benefits.

Transportation Benefits

  • Space-A Travel: Veterans with 100% permanent and total disability rating can get military flights within the continental United States. 

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E): Veterans with a service-connected disability will get assistance to get suitable employment and secure independent living goals.

Training Benefits for Dependents

  • Special Restorative Training and Special Vocational Training: The dependents of veterans of Chapter 35 benefit recipients may be eligible for training programs to overcome disabilities and pursue education goals.

Clothing Allowance

  • VA Clothing Allowance: With VA clothing allowance, veterans whose clothing has been damaged by orthopedic or prosthetic devices or certain medications may get annual compensation.

How to Access These Benefits

The regular monthly disability compensation rate from the VA may be accessed after you get your claim. However, for several other benefits, you or your dependents may need to enroll in certain programs. For example, enrolling in VA healthcare through the VA’s official website is necessary to get medical care. You could also do it by visiting the nearest VA medical center. 

Moreover, to get a property tax exemption, contact your state’s county tax assessor’s office, and they can help you with proper information. 


As you can see, there are a range of benefits on top of monthly disability compensation that you can receive with a 100% service-connected disability. If you are having trouble getting the benefits as a veteran or a dependent and need help accessing certain programs such as the DEA, experts at VA Disability Coach can help with the process.