70 Percent VA Disability

70% VA disability is a benefit VA appoints to a veteran with appropriate service-connected conditions. When a veteran gets a 70% VA disability rating, it is usually a point where rising higher can be challenging. But it is not impossible, and there are various measures you may take to make that happen.

Only a few veterans usually have a 70% rating; the higher it goes, its rarity also increases. A report back in 2021 by VBA data found that only 447,330 from 4,743,108 veterans have this rating. That is only 9.4% of all veterans.


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Let’s show you the ins and outs of the 70% VA disability and possible steps to increase it.

What Is the Amount of 70% VA Disability Compensation?

In 2023, the VA disability benefits for a 70% rating is $1,663.06. It is 8.7% higher than the number in the previous year. While that amount may sound reasonable, higher disability ratings, such as 90% or 100%, provide a way higher sum. Hence, many try to increase their rating at this point.

Another way to increase your compensation for VA benefits is by adding your dependents. You can now include the following dependents in your VA benefits-

  • Parents,
  • Spouse (including same-sex and common-law marriage),
  • Children (biological or adopted under certain ages and criteria).

Each dependent can help raise your compensation amount. Here is a table explaining the monthly pay rate of a veteran with a 70% disability rating.

Amount of 70% VA Disability Compensation

Keep in mind that the VA disability benefit amount changes almost every year. The above table only shows the amounts for 2023. You can visit VA’s 2023 Veterans Disability Compensation Rates page for more details.

How to Increase Your VA Disability Rating from 70% to Higher?

You cannot be guaranteed to raise your VA disability rating above 70% since the final decision is up to VA. However, you can file a court appeal if you think you deserve a higher rating, despite VA’s denial. You may find many online services promising to get your rating higher, but whether they actually may do it is questionable.

Anyway, you may still try the following steps to get a chance at a higher VA rating past 70%-

  • Get a medical report from VA or private doctor like VA Disability Coach.
  • File claims for any disabilities you haven’t submitted to VA yet. Some of them may have a way higher value regarding VA rating than you may think. Usually, mental conditions, sleep apnea, migraines, etc., easily ensure high ratings.
  • If you notice that your service-connected disabilities caused or worsened other disabilities, you can file for secondary service-connected illnesses. You may need a nexus letter from any physician in this case.
  • Maybe VA isn’t rating your conditions high for the lack of proper evidence. Get supporting letters from your family or friends. If possible, get such a letter from any veteran you served with or any first-hand witness, which is called a Buddy Letter.
  • If service-connected disabilities prohibit you from sustaining a proper job, you may file for the Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefit. Having a 70% rating helps in this case since the eligibility factor of TDIU includes having a least overall rating of 60%.
  • Fulfill DBQs with the aid of a private provider, which will help you during your C&P exam.
  • During the Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam, answer their questions correctly and mention any issue you have in full detail. There are subjective conditions that are hard or impossible to examine unless the patient explains them themselves, such as Tinnitus.
  • If you are confident that you deserve a higher VA rating than 70%, but the VA won’t accept it, you can submit more evidence for your claim. If it fails, consider hiring a VA-accredited lawyer, VSO, or claimant agent to file a court appeal.

Can Having a 70 Percent VA Disability Increase My Chances of a Top 50 Disability Claim?

Having a 70 percent VA disability can potentially increase your chances of a top 50 disability claim, as it indicates a more severe condition. However, it is important to understand that qualifying conditions for va disability are determined on a case-by-case basis, and the percentage alone does not guarantee a successful claim. Consulting with a knowledgeable VA disability attorney can help navigate the complex process and improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

How Can I Increase My VA Disability Rating from 70% to 100%?

Maximizing disability compensation is a common goal for veterans looking to increase their VA disability rating. To increase your rating from 70% to 100%, it’s crucial to gather strong medical evidence, including detailed documentation of your impairments and how they impact your daily life. Seeking professional assistance from veteran service organizations or experienced attorneys can provide valuable guidance throughout the claims process. Be prepared to appeal if necessary, utilizing all available resources to support your case for an increased disability rating.

What Steps Can I Take to Increase My VA Disability Rating from 70% to 100%?

To maximize the chances of raising VA disability rating from 70% to 100%, consider a few key steps. First, consult with a veterans benefits attorney or an accredited claims agent for guidance throughout the process. Next, gather all relevant medical records and supporting documentation that demonstrate the severity of your condition. Additionally, obtain opinion letters from medical professionals who can attest to the impact of your disability. Finally, ensure your claim is well-organized and clearly highlights how your condition affects different aspects of your life. Following these steps may improve your chances of achieving a higher VA disability rating.

Final Note

The 70% rating is pretty high, and one doesn’t usually get them without any serious illness or an array of disabilities. However, VA hardly puts a rating over this point, so it may feel frustrating not to get a higher rating even if you think you deserve it. Hence, proper planning and steps are required to make your wish come true.