80 Percent VA Disability

Among the 10 possible VA ratings a veteran can get, 80% is one of the highest. Someone with this rating usually has many different disabilities or is severely ill. Hence, VA pays a hefty sum to them. As you can guess, not many veterans have this high rating.

Research by VBA, in 2021, only 426,483 from 4,743,108 veterans have a rating of 80%. It is 9.0% of the total number. You need to have specific and apparent reasons for getting your VA rating higher than 80%. But with proper evidence and other measures, one may manage to do so.


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This blog covers the intricacies of the 80% VA rating and ways to increase its compensation amount.

Understanding VA Ratings

If you are new to matters related to VA benefits, the concept of disability ratings may still be vague to you. This rating is a percentage VA provides to veterans with a service-connected disability(s). It represents the severity, frequency, and persistence of their conditions.

The rating extends every 10% from 0% to 100%. So, there are 10 different possible ratings. The higher one’s rating is, the more severe their conditions are. As a result, it is also easy to get benefits for disabilities that aren’t of high value and only give a low rating.

Your VA ratings are almost like a culmination of the ratings you get from different conditions. VA uses the Schedule of Rating to determine this. Veterans can only get VA ratings and be eligible for VA benefits if their disabilities are service-connected or secondary-service-connected.

What Is the Compensation Amount for an 80% Rating?

Almost every VA rating above 10% saw an increase of 8.7% from 2022 to 2023, including 80%. In 2023, the compensation amount for an 80% rating is $1,933.15. However, this number is only for the veteran alone. Adding dependents to your VA account can raise it.

You can currently add your spouse, parents, and children to your VA account. The child must be under 18 or over 18 with an authorized school program.

Meanwhile, spouse from same-sex or common-law marriage counts as well. Let’s have a look at the amount of VA monthly compensation you will receive with an 80% rating, depending on your dependents.

Things to note here are that-

  • You cannot add more than one spouse to your VA account.
  • Your child can be biological or adopted to be your dependent.
  • The compensation amount usually changes every year. It mostly increases. So, while the abovementioned numbers are for 2023, the amounts might have changed if you are reading at a later year.

What Are the Differences Between 70 Percent and 80 Percent VA Disability Benefits?

When comparing the benefits of 70% VA disability percentage and 80% VA disability percentage, there are notable differences. The primary dissimilarity lies in the monthly compensation received. While both percentages offer financial support for disabled veterans, the 80% level grants higher monthly payments. However, it is essential to consult with VA experts to fully comprehend the implications and advantages associated with each level of disability benefits.

How to Increase the Compensation Amount of an 80% VA Rating?

Having an 80% VA rating already pays quite a good sum. But higher ratings such as 90 or 100% provide a much higher amount. Hence, many pursue to increase their rating. It is also possible to increase your compensation amount while staying at 80%.

Consider trying these steps in this case-

  • If you suspect you have any disabilities that you haven’t reported to VA yet, you should ensure it by getting a medical report from VA Disability Coach or any private or VA doctor.
  • Get buddy letters, a supporting letter from a first-hand witness of your injury or illness being service-connected. Additionally, letters from friends and family also hold high value.
  • File claims to VA’s websites regarding any new disabilities reported in your examination from your medical report. Often we overlook mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, or other diseases like migraines. But these provide high ratings.
  • If your already reported disabilities worsened, file for an increased VA benefit on VA’s website.
  • Add dependents to your VA account. Each of them will raise the overall compensation amount.
  • File for secondary-service-connected disabilities. These may require you to submit a Nexus letter. It is a private or VA physician letter describing your conditions and vouching for your claim.
  • Add proper evidence to your claim. The lack of evidence is often a reason for a lower VA rating than what you would generally get.
  • Go for a Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefit. It only applies to those who can’t maintain a proper job because of their conditions.
  • Be clear and apparent when answering questions during your Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam.
  • If adding more evidence doesn’t work, despite your belief that your conditions deserve a higher rating, file for a court appeal. Hire a VA-accredited lawyer, claimant agent, or VSO to assist you.

How Can I Increase My VA Disability Rating from 80% to 100%?

There are several effective strategies for higher VA disability rating. Firstly, ensure you thoroughly document all your medical conditions and symptoms, providing medical evidence to support your claim. Seeking an independent medical opinion can also strengthen your case. Additionally, highlight any limitations or challenges your disabilities pose in your daily life. Present a compelling argument to the VA about why your disability rating should be increased to 100%.

Is It Possible to Increase My VA Disability Rating from 80% to 100%?

Is it possible to raise VA disability rating from 80 to 100? While increasing your rating is possible, it can be challenging. To boost your chances, gather all medical evidence supporting your case and consult with a knowledgeable VA disability attorney. They can guide you through the process and ensure you present a persuasive argument for a rating increase.


Based on the number of dependents you have, your VA compensation benefits will be pretty high at 80%. However, raising it higher is possible with the proper measures.