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Veterans may also search and find Accredited Attorneys and Claims Agents. Veterans always have the option to utilize the free services provided by entities such as National Service Organizations (e.g., DAV, VFW, AMVETS, American Legion, among many others), Service Organizations, State Sponsored Veteran Service Officers, and/or the paid services of VA accredited agents or attorneys.

You may achieve a positive VA disability claim outcome with these other free or paid organizations. VA Disability Coach, LLC MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF RESULTS BY USING THIS WEBSITE OR OUR SERVICES AND YOUR INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY. Under no circumstances does VA Disability Coach, LLC, provide medical or legal advice. This website is solely for marketing purposes and contains no medical or legal advice.


We make pricing easy with no hidden fees or expectation of collecting a percentage of your potential VA disability compensation.

Eligibility Review: $ 495


These fees are not required by law. You may be able to obtain these services from your personal and local help groups and medical providers without a fee.
​Medical providers who provide services through VA DISABILITY COACH, LLC do NOT accept any type of insurance for these services offered.