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We understand the intricate process and frustration of claiming VA Disability Benefits.

VA Disability Coach: The Smart and Affordable Choice for Veterans

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We Provide Online Eligibility Reviews

Trained medical providers with experience in over 6,000 disability evaluations offering Eligibility Reviews from anywhere in the world for a one-time flat fee. It is the experience and knowledge of our Coaches that notably improves the likelihood of a successful submission.

What is an Eligibility Review?

Turning in a basic claim to the VA is just not enough.  They want objective evidence.  Our mission is to find missed opportunities, supporting documents, primary, and secondary issues.  Submitted medical and service records will be scoured for items that have not been properly addressed. 

Your prepared Eligibility Review will provide a plan of action. We will address your eligible disability issues, provide the supporting documentation from your submissions, and discuss how you should properly present your claim.

Why VA Disability Coach?

An athlete needs guidance.  Someone who has seen it all and offers their insights and wisdom to help you get the victory.  We want to help you, coach you on what to expect, and ultimately guide you with a proven game plan.  If you have failed before or don’t understand the process I would hope you will allow us to help you through the gauntlet. 

All of this is more than just turning in a form.  It’s solving the riddle of how to complete the task without being overwhelmed.  We won’t promise you a rose garden, but you will get a great plan, guidance, and an honest opinion on your potential outcome.

Value Based Pricing 

A one time flat fee.  A fee based on our knowledge of the process, time preparing your Eligibility Review, Coaching. Our fee is NOT based on the awarded percentage you receive.

Coaching and Eligibility Reviews Available Worldwide

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