VA Disability Rating for Cancer in Remission

The VA provides a 100% disability rating for cancer temporarily. This rating will stay the same for six months after you get treatment for cancer or go into remission.

Therefore, for cancer in remission, the VA will initially give a 100% disability rating, and it will remain the same for the next six months. After those six months, the VA will adjust the disability rating by the remaining active symptoms. 

In terms of disability benefits, cancer is not similar to most other conditions. As a severe life-threatening disease, veterans are entitled to the best care and compensation when suffering from cancer. In this article, we will go through the VA’s disability rating for cancer and how it works.


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VA Disability Ratings for Cancer

With service-connected cancer, you will be able to receive the highest disability rating from the VA – 100%. Since cancer can be a very serious disease with the ability to alter your life, a temporary disability rating of 100% can help veterans receive life-saving compensation from the VA. 

By “temporary rating,” it means that the disability rating will remain active until your cancer is treated. Moreover, even after your cancer treatment is finished, the rating will continue for six more months, allowing you to get back on your feet. Depending on your symptoms, the VA will adjust the disability rating after six months. 

With a 100% rating, you are entitled to a monthly compensation of $3,757 (according to 2023 VA compensation rates). The amount will increase if you have a spouse and children or other dependents. 

How Does VA Determine Disability Pay Rates for Cancer in Remission in 2024?

The VA determines 2024 disability compensation rates for cancer in remission based on several factors. These include the severity and duration of the cancer, any residual effects or complications, and the impact on the individual’s quality of life and ability to work. The rates are determined through a comprehensive evaluation process and aim to provide fair and appropriate compensation to veterans.

VA Disability Ratings for Cancer in Remission

When a veteran’s cancer is in remission, it means that their condition is not an immediate threat to their life and won’t require regular treatment such as chemotherapy. 

For cancer in remission, the VA disability rating will remain 100% for six months. For example, let’s say you have been granted a 100% rating for cancer and have been in treatment, leading to getting into remission. The 100% rating won’t change for the next six months, and then the VA will reevaluate your condition to check the severity of the symptoms and adjust the rating based on that.

The VA will reevaluate the cancer in remission after six months through a compensation and pension (C&P) exam. If the cancer remains in remission, the VA will give an updated rating (likely lower than 100%).


As cancer can be a devastating condition, especially during its active stage, veterans deserve the best care and the highest amount of compensation. If you need help with service connection for claiming disability benefits for cancer, VA Disability Coach can help through professional experience.