VA Disability Rating Breakdown Letter with Diagnostic Codes

The VA’s rating decision letter plays a vital role in explaining the disability rating veterans get after their claim. VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) is used by the VA to assign disability ratings to veterans with service-connected conditions.

This article will go through what VA’s diagnostic codes mean, along with details on VA’s rating breakdown letter and its importance.


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VA Diagnostic Codes

A VA diagnostic code is a four-digit or eight-digit number that explains how the VA decided to rate a veteran’s condition. An eight-digit number is used to rate residual conditions.

Understanding VA diagnostic codes is essential to know which rating criteria the VA used to rate your disability. For some disabilities, there could be multiple different rating criteria, and by looking at the disability, you will understand which one the VA used. 

VA Disability Rating Letter

The VA letter is given as a decision of disability claims after you apply for it. It includes your disability rating, the amount of compensation you may get, and how the VA arrived at the decision.

Below are examples of VA letters –

examples of VA letters
examples of VA letter
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What is Included in a Rating Breakdown Letter

A rating breakdown letter will include an introduction with information on your military service, dates, rating with an explanation of the VA’s decision and what kind of evidence they used for the rating, and more. 

In the letter, you will also find instructions on the appeal process if you disagree with the VA’s decision. VA Disability Coach can help you with appeals if you receive an incorrect disability rating on your VA letter.

How to Get VA Disability Rating Letter

Your VA disability rating letter should arrive via mail at your provided address. If it does not, there are other ways to obtain your letter, such as –


You can get a copy of your VA award letter from the eBenefits portal. It can also be used to track the status of your disability claim, checking whether or not you have received a decision from the VA.

Regional VA Location

If you prefer receiving the letter in person, visiting your local VA office can help. However, this process may be lengthy and unsuitable for veterans with disability conditions. 

Veterans Benefits Management System 

The Veterans Benefits Management System (BFMS) can be accessed by your representative or lawyer who is helping you through the disability claim.

Can I Receive a VA Disability Rating for Cancer That is in Remission?

Yes, you can receive a VA disability rating for cancer that is in remission according to the cancer disability rating guidelines. The VA considers cancer in remission as a service-connected disability. However, the rating may vary depending on the severity of your previous condition and any residual effects. Consult with the VA to evaluate your case and determine the appropriate disability rating.

Final Note

With an understanding of the VA disability letter and the diagnostic codes, you will have a clear grasp of how the VA is rating your condition and whether or not you should make an appeal or stick with the provided decision.