VA Disability for Erectile Dysfunction

Any service-related injury or event causing erectile dysfunction will make you eligible for VA disability benefits. However, whether or not you will receive compensation benefits or how much you will get depends on various factors.

Erectile dysfunction is possible in many ways because of some event or trauma during your service. But the hard truth is that it is difficult to gather evidence confirming your problem is service-connected. Since it is your task to submit appropriate proofs, you need to obtain them before filing any claim.


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Understanding Relevant Terms

Before further following this blog, you should understand some terms since they are heavily related to our topic. Let’s go over one by one-

Erectile Dysfunction: A condition when you constantly fail to get or keep an erection suitable enough for intercourse. The severity and symptoms of it can vary depending on the cause.

Service Connection: The relation between your disabilities or illnesses and some event during your service days is called service connection. Your disabilities must be service-connected for you to be eligible for VA benefits.

Secondary Service Connection: Let’s say that you have service-connected diabetes. The diabetes causes you to have erectile dysfunction. In this case, the latter has a secondary service connection.

VA Disability Rating: VA assigns a specific rating on your condition from 0% to 100%, depending on the severity. The worse the condition, the higher the rating is. Moreover, you may have separate ratings on separate disabilities, but your overall rating will be the total of all your separate ratings. Also, a higher rating means a higher compensation benefit amount.

Special Monthly Compensation (SMC): When you can’t use any body organ because of your service days, you get the monthly SMC benefit ($128.62) from the VA. It is separated from your regular monthly compensation. So, you may get them even when your disability rating is 0%.

Symptoms and Causes of Erectile Dysfunctions

Symptoms and Causes of Erectile Dysfunctions
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Many events, diseases, or other factors may lead to erectile dysfunction. Such as-

  • Various psychological conditions, such as anxiety, stress, depression, etc.
  • Diabetes, sleep disorders, heart diseases, Parkinson’s, high blood pressure, obesity, alcoholism, tobacco use, low testosterone, specific medication and treatment for mental health or prostate cancer, and such.
  • Any physical injury on the genital region may cause it.

The following are some common symptoms of erectile dysfunction-

  • Failing or struggling to have an erection or keeping it.
  • Loss of confidence and morale.
  • Loss or reduction of enthusiasm in sexual acts.
  • Anxiety.

VA Benefits You Can Get for Erectile Dysfunction

Since erectile dysfunction means you won’t be able to use an organ properly, you will naturally get the SMC benefits. Meanwhile, your regular monthly compensation will depend on your disability rating. This rating can vary based on the condition of your erectile dysfunction. According to 38 C.F.R. § 4.115b

  • If you lose at least half of your penis during the treatment, you get a 30% disability rating.
  • If you have to lose your glans, you get a 20% rating.
  • Any deformity leading to difficulty getting or keeping an erection gives you a 20%.
  • If you have atrophied testicles affecting one testicle, you get 0%. For both, you get 20%. This condition decreases the testosterone in your testes.
  • Loss of one testicle gets you a 0% and both a 30% rating.

All the above are mentioned from Code 7520 to Code 7524. These are only the ratings you will get from erectile dysfunction. If you have other coexisting disabilities or your erectile dysfunction is secondary service-connected, you should get separate ratings for those other issues.

Now, if you are curious about the amount you can get from VA for the percentage ratings above, let’s have a look-

  • 0%- $0
  • 20%- $327.99
  • 30%- $508.05

If you are unsure about your eligibility and the possible rating you may get, contact the VA Disability Coach for an eligibility review and stay confident throughout the process.

Evidence Necessary to Prove Your ED is Service-Connected

If you want to prove your erectile dysfunction is related to your service, you need certain evidence. Normally, there are two types you will need- records of your military service and medical records.

When gathering your military service records, you need the following-

  • Proof of any occurrence or injury during your service days.
  • Proof of events during your service that caused your erectile dysfunction, such as getting blunt trauma in the genitalia.
  • If the condition is secondary service-connected, you only need to provide evidence of the initial condition being service-related. So, if your erectile dysfunction stemmed from diabetes, submit proof for the latter, not the former.
  • If your erectile dysfunction is secondary to any presumptive illness or cancer, you normally won’t have to provide any evidence.

VA will examine your health regardless and determine their decision based on the result and the evidence you provide.

Other than these, you may also have to provide the following for extra credibility-

  • Medical record from VA or private doctor.
  • Supporting letters from co-veteran(s), family, or a friend.

What If the VA Denies Your Claim?

If you are sure your erectile dysfunction is service related, it might get frustrating when VA denies your claim for VA benefits. Maybe you couldn’t gather enough evidence, or it wasn’t possible for you. Consider hiring a VA-accredited lawyer, VSO, or claimant agent to help you appeal to the court if you are confident.

Moreover, a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) or a private doctor may help you during any examination by the VA.

Can Medication for Hypertension Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Veterans?

Can medication for controlled hypertension and VA disability potentially lead to erectile dysfunction in veterans? This is an important question that needs to be addressed. While certain blood pressure medications can contribute to sexual dysfunction, it is crucial for veterans to consult with their healthcare providers to explore alternative options or potential adjustments in medication. Prioritizing both cardiovascular health and quality of life is paramount for veterans managing hypertension.

Permanent Disability for Erectile Dysfunction

VA usually calls you after a certain period if they find evidence or have other reasons to reevaluate your disability condition. But if a disability is permanent without any chance of improving, it is called permanent disability. VA doesn’t reexamine them for improvement.

In many cases, ED can become a permanent disability. For example, if the doctor removes half or more of your penis, it will be permanent. Hence, the disability rating of 30% you have gotten for it will remain so always.

Final Note

Erectile Dysfunction can ruin your personal life greatly. It may also cause other mental issues and reduce your confidence. Hence, if you get this disability from your service days, you deserve some form of benefits or compensation from the VA. Make sure to be informed regarding the matter and make the ideal choices.