IBS Presumptive Gulf War

Among the presumptive conditions of the Gulf War, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the gastrointestinal disorders that the VA presumes to be service-connected. Therefore, if you are a veteran who served in the Gulf War, your IBS will be considered presumptive.

“What does presumptive condition mean?” – If you’re wondering about this question, it is when the VA presumes a condition to be caused by military services. Therefore, as a veteran looking to get disability benefits, you do not have to prove service connection for a presumptive condition.

Let’s dive deeper into IBS as a presumptive condition for Gulf War veterans –

Gulf War Syndrome and IBS

Gulf War Syndrome is a complex medical disorder with no clear definition. There is no single, definitive diagnosis for this illness. Instead, it refers to a variety of unexplained medical issues that veterans have had as a result of their participation in the Gulf War.

Gulf War soldiers who served in places like Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and others frequently have a variety of health concerns that defy traditional medical explanations. These physical and emotional disorders are symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, and they have a negative impact on the quality of life for many veterans.

IBS can be part of the Gulf War Syndrome – according to the VA

IBS – Definition

IBS is a collection of digestive symptoms that frequently occur together but cause no apparent harm to your digestive tract. Symptoms typically appear and disappear for days to months at a time and last a lifetime. Although there is no cure, drugs, lifestyle, and dietary adjustments can help reduce symptoms.

These are the common symptoms of IBS –

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Bloating
  • Constipation

VA disability ratings for IBS

IBS is classified as diagnostic code 7319 by the VA, and the severity of the disorder can range from 0% to 30%. The following are the probable VA ratings for IBS –

0% rating for IBS

A 0% rating is given when your IBS is mild, with occasional stomach discomfort and disruptions to bowel function. While you will not get disability pay for a 0% rating, you may get VA medical benefits.

10% rating for IBS

A 10% rating is given if you have moderate IBS symptoms, such as regular stomach pain and bowel problems. With this classification, you will get roughly $165 per month in disability compensation from the VA.

30% rating for IBS 

The highest rating for IBS from the VA is 30%. Veterans with severe IBS symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, and persistent stomach pain receive this grade. You will be paid around $508 per month for this rating. If you have dependents, this sum will rise.


If you are trying to get disability benefits for IBS and served during the Gulf War, the experts at VA Disability Coach can help you with the application process. With professional help, you can be rest assured that your application will result in the best possible outcome, which is the highest rating you can get.