How Do I Get 50% VA Disability for Migraines?

You can get a 50% disability rating for migraines by proving your headaches are prostrating, causing severe economic inadaptability. Here are the details –

The VA’s maximum disability rating for migraines is 50%, which allows you to get the most amount of compensation ($1,000+) for the condition. 

Sadly, even with the necessary qualifications, many veterans fail to get this rating – and it is usually related to having an improper claim.

You can avoid the hassle of appealing by submitting a valid claim, which will ensure the highest VA rating for migraines. To make this process easier, this article will mention every checklist to clear to receive your 50% migraines rating.


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How VA Rates Migraines

Frequency, severity and economic inadaptability are the three keywords to understand how VA rates migraines. 

Not to mention your migraines must be connected to your service – otherwise, you won’t be selected for disability benefits.


VA will rate your migraines based on several factors where frequency plays the primary role. For example, veterans with migraine attacks occurring once every month may be eligible for a 30% VA rating. In comparison, others who suffer from such attacks once every two months are likely to receive a rating of 20%.


You will see the word “prostrating” being used by VA when rating migraines. The term refers to this – your migraines are so severe that you must take a break from your activity and sit or lay down, sometimes in a dark room, until your pain has stopped/lessened.

Economic Inadaptability

A 50% VA rating for migraines must require severe economic inadaptability present in veterans suffering from the condition. However, this does not mean that you have to be unemployed, only that your migraine attacks should fall under the severity that causes work impairment, such as missing days, inability to focus, etc.

VA Ratings for Migraines

Criteria for Rating a VA Migraine Claim

Your migraine claim might be rated in one of four ways. We’ll explain what these ratings signify in terms of the VA’s Diagnostic Code:

  • 0% Rating: A 0% disability rating results from fewer frequent migraine attacks without any prostrating episodes. In this context, “less frequent” refers to migraines that occur less often than every two months.
  • 10% Rating: If you experience prostrating migraine episodes regularly, you receive a 10% rating. At this degree of incapacity, the frequency is once every two months. Remember that these two-month interval attacks must occur for multiple months in order to get a 10% grade.
  • 30% Rating: For a 30% rating, your migraines should be prostrating and regular, similar to a 10% rating. The migraines should occur once a month for several months in this situation.
  • 50% Rating: The maximum disability rating for migraines is 50%. It is given to veterans who suffer from lengthy and incapacitating migraine attacks, which might interfere with their professional life and lead to economic inadaptability

Reasons for Not Receiving a 50% Rating for Migraines

The best way to find out how to get a 50% disability rating for your migraines is to understand why some veterans don’t get it. If your migraine attacks are prostrating, happen once every month, and cause severe economic inadaptability, and you still do not receive a 50% rating, these could be the reasons for a lower rating –

Lack of Evidence

It may be possible that the pieces of evidence you submitted do not properly reflect the severity of your conditions. For example, a diagnosis from a GP may not have the same value as VA compared to evidence coming from a specialist.

Failing to Prove Economic Inadaptability

Migraine attacks must cause severe economic inadaptability to receive a 50% disability rating. If you do not submit enough documents supporting this claim, you will likely get a lower rating than you deserve. In the next section, we will mention what types of evidence you can provide to prove economic inadaptability.

Misjudgement from VA

Sometimes the claim might not receive the proper evaluation from the VA. If you believe that’s the case, an appeal should be your next step in getting your disability benefits.

Tips on Getting a 50% Rating for Migraines

Get an Expert Diagnosis

Instead of getting diagnosed by a GP, acquiring the opinion of a specialist may be more beneficial to build a strong claim. In this case, a diagnosis from a neurologist can be the best option if you can afford it.

Provide Sufficient Evidence for Economic Inadaptibility

Proving your migraine disables you from working is essential to get the highest rating for this condition. Here are the pieces of evidence you should submit to the VA for this claim –

  • Statements from employers
  • Employment records
  • Letters from coworkers, friends and family
  • Medical statements that further prove the inability to work

Appealing VA’s Decision

If your migraine claim was denied or received a rating below 50%, you could appeal VA’s decision to get the proper disability rating. This process can be more complicated than your initial claim, and getting help can make it much easier. Therefore, if you need more help through the procedure of claim or appeal, contact VA Disability Coach now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can sleep apnea be secondary to migraines?

Migraines can cause several other conditions, including sleep apnea. In that case, sleep apnea can be considered secondary to migraines, and you will be able to receive disability benefits for it. 

How many migraines a month are considered chronic?

Most sources classify 15 days of migraines a month for three months to be chronic. Chronic migraines should allow you to receive a 50% disability rating, depending on their severity.

Is there a C&P exam for migraines?

There is, in fact, a C&P exam for migraines where the examiners determine the severity of your headaches.

How do I get a Nexus letter for migraines?

You can get a Nexus letter for migraines from most medical professionals who have experience with VA’s process.

How much is 50 percent VA disability?

According to VA’s 2023 compensation rates, a 50% rating will allow you to receive $1,041.82 in monthly compensation if you are alone. The compensation rate will be more for veterans with family members. 


Migraines can become a creeping evil in every facet of a veteran’s life. If you have been suffering from this pervasive condition, even applying your claim may sound impossible without assistance. Therefore, ask for help from your loved ones or organizations like VA Disability Coach, who can help you rest while going through the complicated journey of receiving your benefits.