4th Stimulus Check for Veterans on Disability: Surviving the Storm

While there is no official nationwide announcement for the distribution of a 4th stimulus check to VA on disability or others alike, some states have considered paying it out to eligible individuals or families.

Over the course of the last three years, there have been a total of three stimulus check distributions; carried out throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to help alleviate the situation for the residents. The last of them took place in 2021.

Like other beneficiaries, as a veteran with eligibility, you may wonder about a 4th stimulus check after facing the still-lingering economic challenges.

Here, we will cover this topic along with the latest condition and possibility of a 4th stimulus check.


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Brief Summary of the Last Three Stimulus Checks

The Gov. issued three rounds of stimulus checks so far, starting in 2020 when the Corona crisis was in full swing. Here are the short details for each of them-

First Stimulus Check: Back in March 2020, the CARES Act Plan rolled out, including a total stimulus bill of $2.2 trillion. It included the following benefits-

  • One-time cash payments.
  • Loans and funding for many corps and health care systems.
  • Loan forgiving for many businesses.

The first stimulus check was a part of it with a value of $1,200.

Second Stimulus Check: The Tax Relief Act of 2020 included the second stimulus check with a $500 value. The initial aim of this plan was to let residents from disaster zones get a proper disaster relief withdrawal.

Third Stimulus Check: The third wave of the stimulus check appeared in March 2021, containing $1,400 worth of checks for each eligible person. It was part of the American Rescue Plan, which focused mainly on the health, food, and economy of families and small businesses. The total payment in this act was around $372 billion.

Is There Any Chance to Get a Missing Stimulus Check?

Yes, you may get the first, second, or third stimulus payment if you, unfortunately, missed them. The points to note here are that-

  • You need to be eligible for the checks.
  • The Get My Payment app doesn’t work in showing your payment status like it used to do before. Instead, you need to check it from your IRS online account.
  • For married individuals to get their part of the payment, both spouses must check their payment status in their IRS account.

The Possibility of the 4th Stimulus Check

Considering the improvement of the economic field after the Covid pandemic, the possibility of a fourth stimulus check is looking low. At present, there is no official nationwide Act or announcement that covers or hints at it happening.

However, many lawmakers are supporting another or more stimulus checks issuing. It is so because the residual effect of the recent economic collapse remains to some extent.

The silver lining is that some states are giving out stimulus checks to their residents or have started acting towards this goal. Among the nine states to do it, we know the amounts for only some right now.

Hence, if you are a veteran in any of these places, you may expect to receive them soon or have already gotten them. Other states outside these are also considering and may start the same action at any point. Next, let’s look at the nations among them that we have some information on so far.

States and Their Stimulus Check Plans

  • New Jersey: Anyone who rented or owned a home in 2019 with a reported max income of $150,000 can get $1,500.
  • California: Throughout the first six months of 2023, people in California will get between $200 to $1,050, depending on various criteria. One among them is that you must have lived in the state for at least six months (full-time). It is part of the Middle-Class Tax Refund plan.
  • New Mexico: There are plans for two refunds, with the first containing $500 and $250 for eligible people and the second one with $1,000 and $500. The latter has still not gotten approval yet.
  • Idaho: A 12% tax refund of a taxpayer’s tax liability or a $75 for each individual in a family.
  • Pennsylvania: Qualified homeowners will receive $250-$600, and renters and senior renters will get $500 and $650 accordingly.
  • Maine: Eligible taxpayers for the payment are heads of household with a maximum AGI of $150,000, married joint filling with $200,000 or individuals with $100,000. The check amount is $900 for married couples and $450 for singles.
  • South Carolina: South Carolina has already issued a stimulus check until March this year. With an amount of $800, the state issued it to taxpayers that filed tax returns prior to October 17, 2022.
  • Virginia: Virginia decided to pay $500 to the eligible ones starting June 2. The fund for this is the American Rescue Act Plan.

Your VA Payments Throughout Covid-19 and Post-Pandemic Condition

The VA has continued providing payments to veteran beneficiaries during the entirety of the Corona situation and even now. But if you need to check your payment history, visit the official VA payment history page and sign in or create a VA account. Since there is no official 4th stimulus check as of now, you may not receive them from VA.


Sadly, the news of any 4th stimulus checks has not come from the Government yet. It is mainly for the post-corona economic rise. Nonetheless, that doesn’t end the possibility. And, of course, many states are giving out stimulus payments to qualified recipients.If you are a veteran eligible for these payments, you can reduce the hassle of receiving them with assistance from VA Disability Coach.